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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tell employees your value proposition.

An employee value proposition (EVP) is the employment deal or promise that you make to employees the moment they start to work for you. Every organization has one, whether they know it or not. Some EVPs are better than others.

By identifying what that promise is, and assuming that it’s good stuff, you can then begin to share it regularly to remind employees of the great things to promise to provide for them. 

For example, what are the benefits of working at your organization?  Maybe you’re a small organization and don’t have the revenue to provide big-corporate-style employee benefit programs, but you can offer flexibility in scheduling and recognition programs that provide dividends when you earn them or maybe you can allow employees to bring their dogs to work. 

Every part of the employment deal counts, but if they don’t know all about it, you’re missing a vital opportunity.

Explaining your EVP to your employees clarifies what you offer and what they can expect.

By promoting it at every opportunity, you not only remind employees of the benefits of working at your organization; you increase the likelihood that they’ll stay for the long run.

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