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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Say hi, no matter how busy you are.

Blowing by other business units in a hurry in your suit and tie with your Blackberry buzzing, but not talking to employees on the way, sends the message that your current business is much more important than they are and that they do not matter. 

People understand when leaders and managers are busy; when this happens all the time and you never stop, they start to think you don’t care.

When you visit other business units and especially units in the field, try to avoid being too important to talk to them, or only talking to the other managers because you don’t have time.

Stopping for a few minutes from time to time, or regularly would be even better, to say hello, shake someone’s hand, or thank them for doing a great job can: 
  • boost an employee’s morale
  • increase engagement and 
  • send a powerful and positive message from you to employees that they matter.

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