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Friday, February 8, 2013

Give them a voice--a way to provide feedback.

Giving employees a way to voice their thoughts, opinions and suggestions about the business has multiple impacts. Offering opportunities for employees to give feedback to the organization allow them to:
Become more engaged as they feel someone is listening.
Come up with creative solutions to operational problems.
Share intelligence to which leaders are not exposed.
Inform leaders of what employees are thinking and what their needs are.

Ignoring employee input makes as much sense as ignoring customer input. If you’ve ever watched the CBS reality show UNDERCOVER BOSS, you’d know that until executives get their hands dirty, it’s difficult for them to run their business well. The show follows high-level corporate executives as they slip anonymously into the lowest level jobs within their companies to find out what their employees really think about their boss and the business.

It’s tough for leaders to conduct an undercover boss operation in their own organizations. Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask employees what they think, what ideas they have and what problems they need solved? In fact, asking them is the easy part; following up with them year after year and taking visible action in the right direction is the hard part.

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